Every Handheld Console Ranked From WORST To BEST

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And here we are again, putting together a ridiculous list. Given Nintendo has stopped releasing a new handheld variant every year, now seemed like the perfect time to judge dozens of hardware manufacturers on their portable offerings. Here is Every Handheld Console Ranked From WORST To BEST.

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin) & Ben Potter (@Confused_Dude)
Script: Philip J Reed (@NoNoiseChitChat)
Video Editor: Alex Winters (@MrSteakFace)

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Featured handhelds included:
• Atari Lynx
• Bandai Design Master Denshi Mangajuku
• Bandai Digi Casse
• Bandai WonderSwan
• Bit Corporation Gamate
• Cybiko
• Electronika IM-26
• Entex Adventure Vision
• Entex Select-A-Game
• Epoch Game Pocket Computer
• Evercade
• Fisher-Price iXL
• Fisher-Price Kasey the Kinderbot
• Fisher-Price Pixter
• Game Park GP32
• GiochiPreziosi My Life
• Goldstar GPi-1200
• Grandstand Game Wizard
• Grandstand Light Games
• Hartung Game Master
• Koei PasoGo
• LeapFrog Turbo Twist
• LeapFrogDidj
• LeapFrogiQuest
• LeapFrogLeapster
• LeapFrogLeapster Explorer
• LG Kids Pad
• M&D Monon Color
• Mattel Children’s Discovery System
• MGA Game Wizard
• Milton Bradley Microvision
• NEC PC Engine LT
• NEC TurboExpress
• Nikko digiBlast
• Nintendo 3DS
• Nintendo DS
• Nintendo Game Boy
• Nintendo Game Boy Advance
• Nintendo Pokémon Mini
• Nintendo Switch
• Nintendo Virtual Boy
• Nokia N-Gage
• Nvidia Shield Portable
• Ohio Art Etch A Sketch Animator 2000
• Palmtex Portable Videogame System
• RomtecColorvision
• Sega Game Gear
• Sega Nomad
• SNK Neo Geo Pocket
• Sony PlayStation Portable
• Sony PlayStation Vita
• Tapwave Zodiac
• Tiger Game.com
• Tiger Gizmondo
• Tiger R-Zone
• Tiger VideoNow XP
• TimeTop GameKing
• Tommo Neo Geo X
• VTech 3D Gamate
• VTech Variety
• VTechInnoTab
• VTechMobiGo
• VTechPreComputer 1000
• VTechProScreen
• VTechV.Smile Pocket
• Watara Supervision
• Welback Mega Duck


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